The latest ideas of the best luxury interior designers in Mumbai

The trends of interior designing keep changing with time. A trend which is fashion today might turn into a fad within a few years. However, there are a few trends which enjoy a longer period of social acceptance than others. A good interior designer is the one who can identify the trends of current times which have the potential to remain in fashion for a considerable period of time. Then, there is a category of smart interior designers. The smart interior designers employ little hacks which allow the current trend to be followed and keep the design flexible enough to change whenever required at a lower cost.

In recent times, a few wonderful interior design hacks have emerged in the world of interior designing. These hacks allow interior designers experiment with their ideas freely and without worrying about cost. Some of these design hacks which managed to grab eyeballs of people in 2021 are as follows:

  1. Layered lighting

Layered lighting operationally refers to the installation of lights in three different points of a room: the ceiling, the walls and the floor. According to experts, these three positions of light provide the room with three different types of illumination: accent, ambience and pragmatism. The function of the lights hung by the ceiling is to create the required ambience. The function of the lights installed on the walls is practical. And, the function of the lights which are kept on the floor is to provide an accent to the room. This is a brilliant hack employed by the best luxury interior designers in Mumbai, as you can maintain the illumination of your room at par with the prevailing trends of the time.

  1. House plants

This is probably the most cost-effective yet the most long lasting interior designing hack of all times. The best luxury interior designers in Mumbai swear by this hack of using house plants for home décor as they are well aware of the fact that putting natural greenery inside the house will not leave the society any time soon, especially when the entire human civilization is fighting with its disconnect from nature. Moreover, house plants can be changed any time you want and seasonal plants can add immense beauty to the ambience of the house.

  1. Pattern-based artwork

Artworks serve two purposes. First, they fill up empty space of the walls and kill the mundaneness. Second, they bring out your innate tastefulness in the forefront. Artworks, if chosen carefully can become a topic of discussion with your guests in the house. However, the best luxury interior designers in Mumbai always insist that pattern based artworks are chosen for décor, as such artworks never get out of trend.

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