Tips of curtain placement by interior designers in Mumbai

The look and feel of a room, however well decorated it might be, remain incomplete without curtains. Curtains serve a number of purposes. First of all, it is impossible to control the entry of daylight into a room without curtains. Secondly, curtains maintains adequacy of air flow across the room. Thirdly, curtains are needed for the privacy of the people staying in the room. Last but not the least, curtains enhances the aesthetics of the room décor.

So, it is very important that the selection of curtains is not random and is a result of a thought process. Needless to say, the key to the selection of the perfect curtains for a room is to confer the task to a professional interior designer. Professional interior designers have this unique perspective to identify the right color and pattern of a curtain which would complement the remaining design of a room. Moreover, professional interior designer know the art of curtain placement, which can define the entire mood of the room.

It is true that an interior designer would charge a considerable fee for providing you with the ideas of curtain placement. However, if you hire the services of one of the interior designers in Mumbai for decorating your entire home, curtain placement would be a part of the package. In that case, you need not worry about the cost. However, if you want to decorate your room with curtains all by yourself without the consultation of a professional interior designer, here are a few tips for you.

  1. Keep it broad

The first and foremost of curtain placement is that the width of the curtain must be at least thirty percent more than the width of the window. A greater width would allow the curtain to completely cover the window and also a portion of the adjacent wall. The width will help in creating an illusion that the windows are larger than they actually are.

  1. Do not hide the rods

Curtains require rods to be hung upon. You might feel that the rods should hidden by the fabric of the curtain, but this would actually be a mistake. The best interior designers in Mumbai always insist that the rods which are used for hanging curtains should be visible to the eye and must be simple in design. The purpose of the rod would be to provide a frame to the curtain, without taking away any of the attention the curtain deserves.

  1. Use heavy fabric

The fabric of the curtains should always be heavy. It might occur to your mind that the fabric of the curtains should be light to let a little light enter the room. But, according to the best interior designers in Mumbai , the warmth and coziness which heavy curtains provide surpass the benefits provides by light curtains.

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